Michael 叔叔幼儿园


项目简介:以春、夏、秋、冬为主题打造的幼儿园,根据每季的特点来搭配设计出符合当季特征的游玩设施,与大自然和谐搭配,更由丰富植物围绕建筑及游玩设施 , 创造出绿色与建筑共融空间,使小朋友在健康快乐的环境中成长

The kindergarten with the theme of spring, summer, autumn and winter is designed according to the characteristics of each season to match the characteristics of the season. They are harmoniously matched with nature, and the plants are surrounded by buildings and play facilities to create green. Incorporate space with the building to enable children to grow up in a healthy and happy environment.